The 12th SelfMama Forum: Father’s voice will take place on March 27, 2021. We will talk about the importance of father’s emotional involvement in kids’ lives. We will touch upon how partners are influencing each other’s professional self-fulfillment.


Unevenly distributed workload at home; ineffective communications within the family; lack of involved fathers as role models in our country; gender stereotypes; absence of culture of conscious fathering in our society – here are just some of the problems of modern parenthood.

SelfMama is a social project supporting mothers and their right on self-fulfilment. SelfMama advocates equal partnership and responsible parenthood. We believe it is important to bring up to date the agenda of conscious fathering in our country. Demands of society have changed - now father’s contribution is far more than just financial support of the family. Today, when women are actively working and making the careers, it’s not enough anymore. At the Forum, we want to emphasize that seeing your child grow up, taking an active part in parenting, making a conscious contribution to the development of the child’s personality and revealing his/her talents - is a privilege and responsibility of a modern father, not a weakness and not just a mother’s task. We are eager to talk about the importance of sharing family responsibilities, and we hope that the image of modern parents and partners will gradually change.

Among our Speakers there will be men for whom fatherhood matters and who understand the importance of equal conscious parenthood; psychologists; public figures who are inspiring role models for the audience of the Forum and whose stories will help to reinvent the status of a modern father.

The programme of the Forum is split into 2 tracks:
1. The “Parent” track with inspiring speeches of involved fathers - opinion leaders and public persons. Speakers will share their insights into fatherhood and their experience in parenting.
2. The "Partner" track will cover the importance of effective communication in the family, support and teamwork in parenting and in everyday life. It will consist of lectures, master classes and workshops.

Selfmama Forum is run by a Team of Volunteer Mothers. We face the same very problems we highlight on the Forum - unevenly distributed home workload; difficulties in family communications; complications with involving fathers into parenting and childcare. That’s why we are aware of the most critical concerns of our audience and invite expert speakers with a relevant expertise to figure out answers together.

SelfMama Forum: Father's voice
for all mothers and fathers:
Who need partnership relations and mutual support
Who want to be involved parents and stay connected with themselves
Who want to learn how to talk to a partner about tough topics: emotions, desires, needs
Who are tired of gender stereotypes and want to build healthy relations
Who care about involved mothering and fathering equally
Who want to maintain a healthy relationship with co-parent after breaking up
Ludmila Petranovskaya

Family psychologist, educator, publicist, author of books for parents and founder of the Family Development Institute, Russia
Ludmila is a member of Association of Experts on Family issues «Family for a child». Ludmila is the Laureate of the Russian Federation President’s Prize in Education. She is also the founder and head of the Institute for Family Development and an author of the bestseller «SELFMAMA. Lifehacks for a working mother». #motheroftwo

Dima Zicer
Teacher, popularizer of the humanistic approach in education. Presenter-winner of the national award «Radiomania-2020» on on the radio station «Mayak», also contributes as a columnist for the «Snob» magazine. Founder and director of the Institute of Non-formal Education, which implements various educational projects. Founder of the school of non-formal education "Orange" (St. Petersburg).
Author of books, articles, and podcasts on psychological and pedagogical topics. Speaker of educational conferences and programs. #fatherofthree

Valeriy Panyushkin
Journalist, writer, public figure. Editor-in-Chief of the RUSFOND Charity Foundation. #fatheroffive
Anna Zyryanova
SelfMama CEO & Founder, TOP 100 HR directors in Russia, co-founder of the remote work search service WorkAtHome. Anna is a member of the rating of «TOP-1000 Russian managers».

Lecturer at the business school of the RANEPA (Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration). Author of educational programs and speaker of professional conferences. #motherofthree
What is "good father" and "bad father" in modern world? 

Vitaly Altukhov, author of career guidance methodologies, «Profilum» Project Development Director, SelfMama Forum 2019
Happy child and paternal power

Nikita Karpov, Child and adolescent psychologist, “Fathers and children” project author and organizer, SelfMama Forum 2019
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SelfMama Forum will take place on March 27, 2021
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SelfMama Forum 2020

3 simultaneous tracks in the main program
+35 speakers
13000 participants
11 cities’ broadcasting their own programs
Forum recording
1999 rubles
SelfMama Forum 2020

3 simultaneous tracks in the main program
+35 speakers
13000 participants
11 cities’ broadcasting their own programs
Forum recording
1999 rubles
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